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  • “A Tiny Tracker’s First Day”

    “A Tiny Tracker’s First Day”

  • #MayThe4thBeWithYou


  • Hippolyta (Wonder Woman)

    Hippolyta (Wonder Woman)

    Finished up another sketch I did a while back of my interpretation of #Hippolyta as #WonderWoman in #BruceTimm-style. I…forgot that…

  • Oracle


    That time Batgirl made lemonade.

  • Make it So

    Make it So

    …it looks like the animated series we deserve.

  • Xenomorph


    If Bruce Timm and Warren Ellis teamed up…

  • Steelheart – SilverHawks

    Steelheart – SilverHawks

     Partly metal. Mostly babe.

  • The Obamas

    The Obamas

    A graphical farewell to the former First Family.

  • Family Portrait – Repaint

    Family Portrait – Repaint

    Getting over the need to make everything look painted.

  • Nikita


    Finished a sketch I started of @MaggieQ back when her show ended. Loved this series when it was out. #MarkDanielMartinez