My Art

  • “Singer”


    Another old sketch that I returned to, and finished up. In my head she was singing a very particular song. #MarkDanielMartinez…

  • “Glare”


    “Glare” is a piece I started a couple of years ago and abandoned. It was originally just a test sketch…

  • Digital Jedi Music: Retro Active

    Digital Jedi Music: Retro Active

    A funk instrumental I put together in an Android app called PocketBand. At the time I was using the free…

  • Digital Animation: Tracing Tracy

    Digital Animation: Tracing Tracy

  • The New Disney Princess

    The New Disney Princess

    It occurred to me that I never posted the largest picture I’ve ever worked on to my own blog. Duh….

  • A Collection of Souls

    A Collection of Souls

    Every so often I like creating batches of aliens off the cuff, maybe for further development, maybe for extras in…

  • Disney Princess Preview

    Disney Princess Preview

    Almost finished. Still some significant details to add. Things I decided to draw later and composite in. (Decreases save time.)…

  • Industrial


    Before I learned how to turn the stupid borders off of photos that didn’t need it, I got this surprisingly…

  • Knight Rider

    Knight Rider

    I still think “shadowy flank” sounds way better. 

  • Testing