Quantumania and GotG vol. 3

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I didn’t get to see Quantumania when it was in theaters, but caught it yesterday on Disney+ and also saw Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 3 today. I might do a proper review for either of these films someday on YouTube, but for now I just wanted to note something that struck me similar about both films. I was certain I saw a Quill’s blasters, or a design very similar in Quantumania last night. And today I was struck by how the tech in the organic space station in Guardians was similar to the gel based flight controls in Quantumania. I can’t imagine this is by accident, and I wonder what, if any, connection they are trying to make with those two.

I will say, though, that freaking loved both films. Ant-Man was super fun and visually amazing, and Guardians…I have to admit, they got me with the feels again. Both films had incredible villains.

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