Captain Marvel First Look! ⚡The Lightspeed Report ⚡ (2018.09.05)

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No more speculating on Captain Marvel’s costume from looking at concept art or embroidered official tote bags. We’ve finally got our first look at Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in exclusive photos published by Entertainment Weekly. And their far more revealing that one would have expected. Leave a Like and a Comment if you’d like to see more breaking news reports like these from the world of geek entertainment. Subscribe if you want to know when I do what I do when I do. Share the video so more people know of your genius and moderate tastes. Digital Jedi can also be found in used mullets asile, popular newstands and in your bookseller’s freezer. (Call the cops.) Facebook: facebook.com/DigitalJediMaster Instagram: instagram.com/DigitalJediMaster Twitter: twitter.com/TheDigitalJedi Or just search your favorite social media sites for “Digital Jedi”. I’ll be the guy with the blue lightsaber. #DigitalJedi #CaptainMarvel #DigitalJediMaster

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