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JEDI REACTS!: The Walking Dead S07E01 :The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be: (Full Version)

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Behold the deeply emotional and gruesome violence of the night The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered. Oh yeah, the episode was rough, too. (Somebody call 911…wait, were both minorities. DON’T CALL 911!) This is the full version of the night’s events. You can find the abridged version here: https://youtu.be/KmmLWDkLmdA (But this one’s better.) ============================== Digital Jedi shouldn’t be taken with alcohol or MAO Inhibitors: ► YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/DigitalJediMaster] ► Google+ [http://ift.tt/2dTXUSN] ► Facebook [http://ift.tt/20kP2m0] ► Twitter [http://twitter.com/TheDigitalJedi] Also… ► Instagram [http://ift.tt/2aTslqQ] ► Flickr [http://ift.tt/2d1m8EL] ► Tumblr [http://ift.tt/2dTYXlW] ► Pinterest [http://ift.tt/2d1n4J9] There’s art here… ► DeviantArt [http://ift.tt/2dTXT1p] ► Blogger [http://ift.tt/25usti7] There’s music here… ► PocketBand [http://ift.tt/2dTZJPF] ► Smule [http://ift.tt/1YPKljN]

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