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(N)Unboxing: Yi Action Camera 88001

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First rule of YouTube content creation…don’t loose your video. Maybe turn the camera on. #ProTip This is the first in a series of videos that are both channel updates and unboxings. Basically, as I purchase new items for my YouTube channel, I’ll record the unboxing and first time usage of the equipment, and post them as part of my channel update series. All of this, of course, works way better if you actually record the video of the unboxing. So since I lost that part of the video, this is a nunboxing™ video and demo of the Yi Action Camera 88001. All of the items I’m going to get are on this wishlist (http://ift.tt/2cH87N6) which, for the moment, is the definitive list of items I’m getting for my channel. If you’re interested in donating to my channel and seeing better, more consistent content, then feel free to…uh, give me money. The donate link is in the video cards in the top right corner. You can also just buy me stuff outright! Because that’s totally how the internet works…right?

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