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JEDI SCREENS!: “Teenagers from Outer Space” Part 1 of 3

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Flying Saucers! Pretty Girls! Skeletons! Zero G Acne! But wait! There’s less! If you act now you’ll get my absurd commentary absolutely free! And Lobsters! Weird, jig dancing lobsters! Click Like if you liked it. Click Like if you didn’t watch it. Just click Like. I’ll take meaningless Likes. My soul is that empty. This is the first in a series of MST3K-style videos that I’ll be doing riffing scifi and genre movies (mostly) in the public domain. Know of movie you’d like to see, er, hear me watch? Leave a suggestion in the comments. Subscribe to be notified when I post Parts 2 and 3 of [echo-y voice]”TEEEENAAAAGERS FROM OUTEEERRRR SPAAACEEEEEEE!!!!!”[/echo-y voice]. NOTE: Yeah, about twenty minutes into this it occurred to me that MST3K HAD to have totally done this movie already. Turns out, they had. After a cursory check, yes, they made some of the same observations I did, because some things were just too obvious to ignore. Some of jokes are eerily close. But I decided to go ahead and leave the jokes in and proceed with the riff, because this IS one of my favorite of the worst science fiction movies of all time. And now that I say that, it’s occurred to me that there’s nothing stopping me from doing “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. Even if MST3K did totally do that one, too…twice.

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