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Digital Jedi’s Trailer Breakdown: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Trailer #2

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The first of my trailer breakdowns is here! Marvel at the wonders of my office! Lament that you had to see it! Witness my hair dry in real time! Oh yeah, and that trailer!

I was going to do these breakdowns once I got my office in order, but once Rogue One’s second trailer dropped, I realized I shouldn’t wait, and put this one together right away. The longer I do this, the more subscribers i get and the more regular viewers I get, the more likely I’ll be able to make these videos look a little more professional. So hit me up with a like and a share and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks to any regular viewers of my videos so far, and I’ll be pushing content out as regularly as humanly possible (that is, without skipping meals or starving the rest of the family.)

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