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RE: Issue 2 and 3 of “40 Unforgivable Plot Holes in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’”

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Have you read this article called “40 Unforgivable Plot Holes in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’“? This is what happens when you watch a movie, only once, and while live tweeting it, when your job was to properly review it. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for such inept analysis. I’d ordinarily ignore it. But you nimrods keep sharing it, not ironically, but as if it verifies your issues with “The Force Awakens”. This series of articles will debunk each of his “plot holes” one at a time and in no particular order, because the article is too long and monumentally maladroit to do it all in one article. I’d go into a nerd comma. Plus, he decided to write another one.

2. The wily Han Solo loses track of his most prized possession, the Millennium Falcon, for more than a dozen years. He has no idea where it is — in the entire Galaxy. When you lose something in your house, that’s bad; when you lose something on your planet, you kiss it goodbye but pray for a miracle; when you lose something in the entire Galaxy, you just get on with your life. And yet, less than a minute after Rey begins piloting the Millennium Falcon, Han looks out the window of his freighter and says, “Oh, there it is.”

Or when you lose your phone…you track its last location.

He used a tracking device, as was stated in the movie. You know how tracking devices work, right? You have to be in range of them. Rey flew the ship within range of presumably a large sector of space. Are you also forgetting the whole Force thing? Supernatural coincidental meetings are the backbone of the entire saga. Even with that said, their meetup was entirely plausible, given the tech involved. Though this clearly isn’t the only issue you had with understanding futuristic tech, at bare minimum, to be equal to existing technology.

Why are you being condescending about him being wily? You have to be a dope to have stuff stolen?

3. Kylo Ren, a powerful Force-user, fights a light saber duel with an ex-janitor who has never held a light saber and yet (a) never uses the Force on his opponent, though doing so would have ended the duel immediately, and (b) barely wins the fight, suggesting that he is simultaneously one of the least strategic wielders of the Force the Dark Side has ever seen and, despite his training, absolutely terrible with a light saber. None of this stops Kylo Ren from designing and building his own, completely impractical cross-barred lightsaber.

Nearly everyone on the internet, at this point, has pointed out that Kylo was seriously injured during this battle. In fact, you mention it repeatedly. Seems like that should be relevant here. But here’s the real problem. Seems you’re completely unfamiliar with how the Force works. Exactly what part of the Force allows you to just end battles with the wave of your hand? Force push? He already sucker punched that move on the person he thought was the greater threat. Finn is a heavier target would be harder to blindside. Force Mind Trick? Only works on the weak-minded. Force This Battle Is Over Maru? That doesn’t exist. Kylo was using the Force, and would always be using the Force in every confrontation he participates in. That doesn’t mean you win against every opponent instantly. And Finn had used a lightsaber just hours earlier. He was a trained Stormtrooper, remember? Melee combat was likely part of his training. It’s not like that battle lasted all that long. Nor did Finn do especially well. Nor did at any point did Kylo look like he was doing any other than toying with him.

Finn was never a janitor.

Lightsaber is one word.

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