Concepts in Imagineering: Quantum Levitation

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“Concepts in Imagineering” (CII) is a special series of posts about entertainment and creative concepts from around the world. They posit that the tradition of Imagineers using innovative, creative and scientific concepts to enhance yesterday’s theme parks is just as feasible for today’s Imagineers. If they just look in the right places. Today’s CII is:

Migrating this series over from my other blog for a moment to present a simple question. Why can’t places like Innoventions, attractions that intend to demonstrate technical and scientific achievement, demonstrate things like these? The applications of something like this to the layman are mind blowing. I know everyone on YouTube had the same idea when they saw it. (A few even though Japanese trains already did this, but we’ll just ignore them for right now.) Why not use this as an opportunity to let us know what the scientists are thinking of, too? What do they know about this science that we don’t as far as application is concerned?

I could see something as simple as someone demonstrating the tech at a kiosk as being immensely popular. Just imagine something more “EPCOT Center-ish”, such as a large video presentation that explains the science, while a Cast Member demonstrates it’s usage? The good news is, it doesn’t appear to be particularly expensive to do, and it certainly could be presented in a more dressed up manner. Looking forward to see what becomes of this.

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