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Busy last couple of weeks for me and baby. We had to do a ton of running around, between going to the chiropractor, therapy and just general business. On top of all that she was agitated with the preliminary effects of an oncoming seizure the entire time. Hopefully she sleeps today.

I’m going back to bed. Only slept around two hours last night. Better try and get some rest while the boo is still out. Of course, I’m going to have to disturb it here in about a half hour to give her her medicine. Blargh!

Strangely, I managed to find time to write this over these two weeks. Posted two new articles on my other blog Disney related blog (Re-Imagination) and you can find a link to the other one where I did some reader contributions to Re-Imagineering. That has been interesting.

Sorry guys, no AME update for you this week. But I’ll get back on track soon.

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