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Well, this is a big deal to me. Pretty much my favorite blog out there, Disney related or otherwise, needed some guest writers for a little while and they let little ol’ me take a shot at it. Yes, the Re-Imagineering folk’s desperation is my luck. This article addresses the reasons why blogs like Re-Imanineering are important, needed and not just like those run of the mill byaaaaatch please blogs out there on the interwebs. In short, it give the reasons Why We Whine and explains how this is not just grumpy old guys complaining for the sake of complaining. There’s real concern and love of Disney at stake here.

For those unfamiliar with Re-Imagineering (http://imagineerebirth.blogspot.com/), the blog is a site for former and present Pixar and Disney pros to shine a light on the myriad number of mistakes made in the Disney Theme Parks over the last few decades. The blog is critical, much like I am, of some of the outright tasteless and crass efforts made by Disney to simply turn a profit, but also points out where Disney, even in modern times, has been getting things right. The hope is that future management can see where Disney has missed the mark and restore some of the magic that the parks have been missing for so long.

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