It’s Just Another Manic Friday?

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Baby has not been having a good two weeks. She’s constantly been having her sleep disturbed by what we could only describe as small crying seizures. It’s tough to sleep when you seize the whole night. And you can’t stop having seizures if you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Ever see the movie Catch 22?

Since we’ve been running to the doctor and calling Wake Forest over and over again, her neurologist started getting a little concerned and had us run to Winston-Salem for an EKG at Brenners. Short notice, otherwise I would have tried to sleep last night, which I didn’t do, which I wish I had, which I made up for later. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

At Brenners they attached a bunch of electrodes to her head, drugged her up and then expected her to go to sleep. That went well… Baby doesn’t like sleeping in public. She’s too nosy.

After having to pin her down to get the electrodes PROPERLY attached we wrestled with her for what seemed like an hour to get her to go to sleep. Lots of screaming ensued. Lots of electrodes did not remain attached properly. Finally I took her and laid down on the bed with her over my shoulder and she could no longer resist. She had one seizure during the scan, which was a good thing, as they were able to rule some things out. And, well, it was a pretty comfortable bed and I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, so…

I felt like I was there to have this baby-shaped tumor removed from my chest. Remember that movie with the little dude attached to the other dudes chest with all the wires sticking out of his head? Yeah…

In any event, the doctor ruled out what she was afraid it might be. Infantile Spasms Seizures I believe was the correct name. She figured she was too old for them, but just wanted to be sure. As it turns out, we just need to put baby back on the Keppra, which we had just weaned her off of prior to my Grandma’s funeral, and was right about when all the trouble started. Right when I started blogging regularly again. We figured as much, but she has a good neurologist, so we waited to see what she thought.

Baby is asleep now, thanks to the sedative they gave her and she’s been sleeping all day and night. No crying. The wife’s been asleep since this evening, and I slept till about 2am. I got hungry. Plus I closed City of Gamers last night to do some much needed maintenance and upgrades, so I’m really behind on that. I’m sure Maruno would like back into the Wiki at some point. Not to mention, those extensions I keep promising him…

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