A Tumultuous Time of Year

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My Grandmother passed away on this first of this month, which meant the wife and baby were going to have to run on down to Florida with me on short notice. This was somewhat of a strain on our already tenuous budget, as we knew it would be, and was one of the reasons why we hadn’t been able to see Grandma for some time. But we had set aside some funds for emergencies and were able to make the sudden trip with little planning difficulties. A friend loaned us her GPS, which turned out to be more useful then I originally imagined it would be. And I was already dealing with my sleeping issues better the in previous months, so I was not as worn out prior to starting the trip, as I may have been had we had to make it a few weeks earlier.

The old adage is “When it rains, it pours”. Despite the initial good start we got, baby had a seizure halfway down – the bad kind that requires administering Diastat to get her breathing again. The crummy Jeep we rented, aside from having virtually no room Mahogany’s equipment, had a break peddle that sat about two inches higher then the gas, which meant I had to lift my entire leg to get the car to slow or stop, and that usually meant plastering everyone against the windshield unless I concentrated real hard. Bad seals in the door frames meant we had to practically yell the whole trip down just to communicate, and by the time we reached Orlando, my throat was sore. By the time we reached my sister’s house, I was definitely sick.

I managed the trip okay, though, and managed to stay alert and keep the family on track for the whole lot of traveling we had to do in those five days. Hauling the wheelchair and the baby in and out of the car is tiresome during an average week, but somehow we pulled through. Baby seemed to enjoy the trip, not understanding the reasons we were down there for. The family seemed to like being together.

We got back home safe and sound, but it was about then that I finally realized how sick I had been and had just been enduring. I haven’t slept this much in years. Mahogany must have eaten something she shouldn’t have on the way back, because she screamed for two days straight after the trip trying to clear the rock hard ball in her stomach. Plus, the lack of sleep she got doing all that screaming triggered two more seizures during that time. She finally moved whatever it was in her stomach just a few hours ago and is trying to sleep. If she’s not better in the morning, she’s going to the doctor. Sadly, I won’t be able to go with her, because I know I probably won’t be able to wake up in the morning. Wifey is going to have to care for both of us for a while until I get back on track.

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