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WARNING: was sold years ago and the domain is no longer in the domain of credible sources. All links try to load virus or trojan of some kind. I’m not deleting the post for posterities sake, just be warned there’s no service here anymore and hasn’t been for years.

Or less, really. Depending on where you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why I’m taking on such an “article ” like tone. That because I’ve interconnected my blog and social networks using a nifty little website called Ping.FM ( The site allows me to update blog posts, as well as status updates to a wide range of social networking sites, blogs and messengers.

Right now I’m just hooked up to Blogger (which displays in an iFrame at Eon Press Presents), MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo and Twitter. But I intend to expand that reach in the future, especially as I want to reach out to try and generate a fan base for Eon Press Presents. In the coming months, I hope to have a lot more projects moving towards completion as me and the misses work to get better organized.

The only downside to all of this is I really like my Netvibes Twitter module, which I was using to update my FaceBook status. But this is far more reaching, and I’m sure Netvibes will catch on soon enough. Until then, see you around the webz.

-Mark Daniel Martinez
AKA Digital Jedi
(Still trying to find the “any” key, so I can continue.)

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