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It’s been suggested that maybe the reason I don’t get a lot of responses on my blog posts, is because I don’t post that often… or ever.

It’s a valid point and I’m sure the primary reason I don’t get too much feedback. But I’m afraid it’s something that wont change any time in the near future either. Other then the article length comments I leave on Re-Imagineering and EPCOT Central, I pretty much don’t like saying anything, if I don’t have anything to say. When I do say something, it’s novel length, true, but at least it’s substantive. I’m also not a frequent park goer, living three states away from the Sunshine State and even farther from California.

That’s not to say I don’t have strong views on Disney, nor is it to say I have only a few things to say. But I like to articulate my views, so there is little to no room for confusion. And you don’t have to see the Sphere from your house to have a sensible, educated view of Disney while still giving your perspective as just one of the foamers.

I hope to have a couple of articles started during the week, and hopefully my obsessive need for perfection won’t delay their publishing egregiously. But in any case, thanks for reading and keeping up with me if you have.

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