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City of Gamers Server Move and The Return of “Pwnd!”

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Couple of big things I’d like to add to the blog today.

First up, a couple of weeks ago it was announced that the server hosting the forum where I moderate and admin, City of Gamers, was now going to be shut down, and that the forum would be closing down with it. What wasn’t known by the general public at the time was a that a new server had already been in place for a few months, and all that remained was for someone to move the database. Along with that, ownership of the domain, cogonline.net, was being given away. I cared too much for CoG to let it fade into the ether like that, and the former owners happily handed over the domain to me, and the owner of the new server is letting me continue to host it there. We’ve upgraded the forum software we were using (and may do so again, since it’s a little behind too) and made a number of dramatic changes to the look and feel of the site. I’m proud to be the new owner and look forward to continuing the tradition that the former regime started.

Next up is the formal announcement of an ongoing comic strip I’ve started at CoG called Pwnd! Pwnd! is the story of a group of Yu-Gi-Oh! players and their (quasi)adventures at the comic shop where they meet to play. The main character is a skinny little blonde kid named Scott, who doesn’t quite have the grip on reality that the rest of his friends do, and frequently makes a doofus of himself in furtherance of that perception. Other characters include the tattooed Latino store owner, Hector, the half Vietnamese/all attitude Sara, the chunky, yet lovable Fiend lover, Gary, and lastly the level-headed, yet high hairdo-ed African-American, Jacob.

Later on I plan on introducing Scott’s younger brother, Phillip, who has watched so many episodes of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, that his perception of reality is warped even beyond his older brother’s. You can keep up with Pwnd! either at this link on the City of Gamers website, or you can see it here at http://pwndcomic.blogspot.com/ and take advantage of Blogger’s built in Atom feeds.

On another related note, I’ve added a section to the forums just for publication of my comic, as well a sister section for the much loved Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh. Yes, I’m shamelessly trying to use the series’ popularity to draw attention to my comic. How do I sleep at night? Tylenol PM and Whisky.

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