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It occurred to me recently that I don’t really have a venue for my thoughts on Walt Disney World, other then the obvious connection Alternate Realities has to it. But I find myself again and again coming up with article ideas for Realities, only to realize that I’m just doing what a hundred Disney-related blogs out there already do. Hence the reason I don’t post as much at Realities as I would like.

But Alternate Realities was not intended to be a Disney blog. It was intended to be a place for me to cultivate ideas for my own themed entertainment area. Naturally, Disney would be a repetitive subject and motivation, but my outright ideas on Disney World had no real place there and would only detract from the overall point of the blog.

So, after much consternation, and inspiration from some other outstanding Disney related blogs out there, I decided to throw my hat in the pundit ring. Maybe folks will read it. Maybe folks wont. But the therapeutic aspects of it aside, some one may see it and be inspired to big things as well. It is my hope you will visit all my blogs and enjoy.

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