A New Year, A Careful Outlook

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It’s a new year and everyone is making resolutions, whether they realize it or not. For 2007 I hope to see a more structured and definitive development of Eon Press Presents as a comic company.

WetworksYour probably wondering why you’ve never seen much original content on the site. Your also probably wondering why it’s taking so long for the actual comics to get off the ground. Two reasons really, one of which I won’t go into here. But the primary reason is that I’m very cautious with the actual content I reveal. I don’t want to do something like Wetworks, where you see previews and content, but no actual comic for over a year or more. I also don’t want to pull a “Battle Chasers” and have some great work and buzz come of it, only to fizzle out after a few issues. I really want to grab presence with EPP, and make it a great comic company, and not a great company that once was. I want to have, and I really hate this term, but it’s the only one that applies, “all my ducks in a row.”

You can’t fault Whilce Portacio for the lateness of Wetworks back in the 90s, though. His sister passed midway through the project and Image was still a fledgling company; artists trying to get a grip on both the business and artistic ebbs and flows all at the same time and with not a lot of experience in one. Joe Madureira, on the other hand, I can’t really say anything about. Near as I can tell, it looks like he just lost his fire, his passion for the project. Plus I believe there was some illness on his part, though I may be getting my backstories confused.

Nevertheless, I learned a good lesson from both these creative talents. It’s important to not only have contingency plans in place for the unexpected twists and turmoils that life inevitably sends your way. There’s no way to predict it, but there are ways to mitigate damages as much as possible until your ready to return to your project and face the pad again. But it’s also important to keep your passions burning. And the only way to do this, is to carefully examine what lights your fire. What turns you on artistically and gets those juices on your creative side going? When you look at that, and endeavor to pinpoint the triggers that get you all fired up, set up the appropriate “cushions” in the event life gets in the way and makes you falter, you can create a formula that uniquely suits your needs and schedules. A formula that will maximize efficiency and quality above all else.

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