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Well, I finally got that new computer I’ve been clamoring for. As such, I’ve been fully immersed in learning everything I can about DAZ3D and their various software utilities, now that I have a system powerful enough to handle their programs. There is no greater resource for 3D artists then DAZ3D. Absolutely none. The following are links to their various utilities and software. Why am I pimpin’ software in my Update Blog? Simple.

THIS STUFF IS FREE! FREE! FREE!. That’s right. DAZStudio offers their DAZStudio 3D rendering program and base content characters for no charge or catch whatsoever. Aside from all that, DAZ is the current developer of the Bryce 5.5 software, a 3D renderer that creates landscapes and environments from land, sea and air. I recently purchased their 5.5 version, which is on sale for a limited time. You can try this or you can download v.5 for free, also for a limited time. Both of these programs are worth a great deal of moola and there’s no risk with signing up and investing your time trying them out. Especially since this isn’t trial software. These are the full versions with no time-out on how long you can use them. Their yours to keep and use commercially. I’ll never regret the time I took to research these products.

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Once you’ve looked around and settled into the place, make sure to look into their Affiliate Program, which is another reason I’ve posted these banners here. All in all, I’d say DAZ3D is one of the most giving companies I’ve ever dealt with, particularly since we’re dealing with software. Generally, things like these are expensive and hard to understand. DAZ does everything it can to make it accessible to those who have limited budgets and help you understand it’s function. Did I say I’d never regret researching and downloading DAZ products? Yeah, I’m THAT excited. 😀

The ability to use this program has greatly changed my outlook on Eon Press Presents and how I plan on presenting my comics. Expect to see more from along these lines in the near future. Until next time…

-The Jedi
Mark Daniel Martinez

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